2012: Envisioning Transhumanity

Thank You

All of us would like to thank the San Diego community of transhuman enthusiasts for making this conference a success.  Volunteers, speakers, sponsors, artists and attendees: we produced a conference from the grass-roots on important and interesting issues, and made new friendships and connections in our minds which will help us all create the very best future.


Some of the many on The TEDx Team (photo by Leo Trottier)













Conference agenda




10:30:00 Doors open; art exhibit
11:00:00 Roger Bingham Welcoming remarks
11:10:00 Jamie Dunbaugh Overview of Transhuman Thought and its Implications
11:35:00 Ariel Garten To be announced
11:55:00 Micha Cárdenas The Transreal: Our Networked Bodies
12:20:00 Marie-Clare Treseder and Omar Lopez Description of art exhibits
12:35:00 Break
12:45:00 Video from TED2003: Gregory Stock To Upgrade is Human
13:05:00 David Pearce The Reproductive Revolution
13:30:00 Luke Robert Mason Perceptual Augmentation: Art for Future Humans
13:50:00 Brendan Allison Brain-computer interfaces: Emerging Technology, Emerging Issues
14:10:00 Video from TEDWomen 2010: Amber Case We are all cyborgs now
14:20:00 Break
14:30:00 Video from TEDGlobal 2005: Nick Bostrom Our biggest problems
14:50:00 Brian Alexander The Chemicals of Love
15:10:00 John Smart Technological Change: Ten Areas of Accelerating Opportunity, Disruption, and Threat
15:35:00 Kenan Azam Transcending Aging
16:00:00 Break
16:10:00 Video from TED2009: Aimee Mullins My 12 pairs of legs
16:20:00 David Brin Is Outer Space Still Part of the Dream?
16:40:00 John Jacobson, Conference Chair Techno-Philosophy: Practicing Transhuman Studies and Activism
16:55:00 Sky Christopherson Self Quantification & Performance
17:10:00 Roger Bingham Closing remarks



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Rational Thought @ UCSD
David Pearce
University Centers, UCSD

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  1. Sky Christopherson says

    Excellent event!! Insightful and thought provoking. A day to remember. Thanks again!

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